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Дунгуань Taijishan Machinery Equipment Co. Ltd. Банэр
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New Energy Vehicles Motor Stamping Industry

Час: 2017-03-08

In June XNUMX the State Council of China published a plan to develop the domestic energy-saving and new energy vehicle industry. Stock of new energy vehicles in China is the world's largest, with cumulative sales of more than XNUMX units through Dec. XNUMX China listed as the worlds largest electric bus market with almost XNUMX plug-in electric buses.

Навіны кампаніі

BYD Auto ended XNUMX as the world's best selling manufacturer of highway legal light-duty plug-in electric vehicles and for a second year running was the world's top selling plug-cars manufacturer with over XNUMX units delivered in XNUMX. During XNUMX BYD surpassed Mitsubishi Motors and Tesla Motors to become the world's all-time second largest plug-in electric passenger car manufacturer after the Renault-Nissan Alliance. As of October XNUMX, BYD Auto has sold more than XNUMX new energy passenger cars in China since XNUMX.

While TJS machines make a great contribution to motor manufacturing in new energy vehicles industry through these years. Especially big tonnage machines XNUMXT, XNUMXT, XNUMXT, XNUMXT making the motor lamination with diameter XNUMXmm, XNUMXmm, XNUMXmm and so on.In XNUMX TJS will continue to supply the complete solution for more motor manufacturing factories in China to achieve the huge request of world market.

Навіны кампаніі

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