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Dongguan Maquinària Taijishan Equipment Co Ltd Bàner
Inici » Productes » H-marc Press
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  • Gran tonatge d'alta velocitat de precisió Premsa TJSH-400

Gran tonatge d'alta velocitat de precisió Premsa TJSH-400

large working bolster up to 2600mm X 1200mm X 280mm to satisfy most of die dimension's requirement.


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Descripció del producte


1.High rigitity cast iron ensure stability and stress eliminating heat ageing process ensure the machine body deformation.

2.H type double points structure with the ability of resisting edge load suitable for large progressive dies punching.

3.Low inertial clutch brake, ensure steady transmission, low noise, and long serve life.

4.Slider with lengthened eight-surface guide rails and good wear resistance make sure of high-precision retaining.

5.The machine equipped with electric die height adjusting device, the die height adjusted by motor, and the counter indicates numerical variable.

6.Slider balance device effectively to balance slider operation and die height.

7.Intermittent automatic thin oil Lubrication system, make sure of good lubrication for the completed machine.

8.The machine adopts Rotary transformer, Mitsubishi PLC and Touching Screen Control, also with outputting feeding signal and testing interface.

9.Frequency conversion stepless speed adjustment

10.Equipped with cumulative counter and work shifts Counter

aplicació: electrical bus motor lamination and large power supply like alternator motor core blanking or lamination etc

Specificaitons tècnica per TJSH-400T





Stroke de diapositiva

60mm 50mm 40mm 30mm


100-250 100-250 75-300 75-300


485mm 490mm 495mm 500mm


2400 X 1200 X 280 mm / 2600 X 1200 X 280 mm

Àrea de diapositives

2300 X 900mm / 2500 X 900 mm

ajust de lliscament


obertura de llit

1900 X 250mm

potència del motor


Regulació de l'alçada Die

pel motor elèctric

El èmbol no.

PC 2

sistema elèctric

detector d'error d'acte

Embragatge i el fre

Conbination i compacte

Empaquetatge i enviament

Packaging: Wooden boxes and pallet

Shipping : Worldside service

Els nostres serveis

Worldwide aftersale service


1. Q: Why should we choose you?

A: We always adopt most advance design to follow aida from japan tightly.

B: We have more than 20 years experience in this area.

C: Fully support in buyer workmen training.

D: Fully support in after-sales service.

2. Q: What about your price?

A: The price based on your details request, like your product size, machine model, order quantity, and so on.

3. Q: How about the shipping?

A: ocean shipping, air transportation.

4. Q: Do you offer after-sale service?

A: yes, we offer full and good service for all our clients from worldwide. We will always be there for you.


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