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Baner Offer Peiriannau Dongguan Taijishan Co Ltd.
Hafan » cynhyrchion » Press H-ffrâm
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  • H-frame Series 125 Ton Complete Motor Lamination Press Line
  • H-frame Series 125 Ton Complete Motor Lamination Press Line
  • H-frame Series 125 Ton Complete Motor Lamination Press Line

H-frame Series 125 Ton Complete Motor Lamination Press Line

TJS offers the complete line for motor lamination even metal stamping field, this TJS H-frame 125 Ton has high rigidity casting frame with six full guide pillars. It is suitable for various high speed motor lamination and precision metal punching

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Main Structure Features

  • High rigidity frame, the machine body made by cast iron after heat and aging treatment.
  • High strength eccentric alloyed steel crankshaft with deep hole lubrication system
  • Imported parts inclunded bearings (NSK or KOYO from Japan) and four-point crank supporting structure (TJS80-500T)
  • Slider is guided with pillar and alloy copper sleeve wroking in deep hole lubrication system.
  • Lowest vibration and noise.
  • Big torque, low inertia, pneumatic clutch-brake unit.
  • Plug-in Hydraulic locking device for adjustment rods, ensuring the precision of bottom dead center.
  • Forced lubrication system, automatic temperature control system and using the thermal compensation technology to control the position of bottom dead center in high precision.
  • Programmable cam coNTRoller.
  • Easily operation on Ttouch screen controling box.

Technical Specificaitons for TJSH-125T




125 Ton

Strôc sleid

40mm 35mm 30mm 25mm 20mm


200-500 200-500 200-600 200-650 200-700


400-450 mm


1400 850 X X 180 mm

Arwynebedd y sleid

1400 X 600 mm

Addasiad sleidiau


Agoriad gwely

1400 X 600mm

pŵer modur


Addasiad uchder marw

mewn modur trydan

Plunger na.

pcs 2

system drydanol

Auto error detector

Clutch a brêc

Conbination and compact

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Pacio: Paled pren.

Shipping: Worldwide service

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TJS is a professional high speed precision press manufacturer located in mainland China more than 20 years with main products are C and H frame high speed power press from 25T to 600T. Professional sales team distributed in oversea countries such as middle east, Asia. All of them have been working for industrial machineries and equipments exporting more than 6 years. Sincerely welcome customers worldwide to visit us.

Cwestiynau Cyffredin

1. What is guarantee of TJSH-125?

There will be no extra cost within one year whatever spare parts / components in guarantee period and offers machine care the whole life.