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Dongguan Taijishan Innealra Co Trealamh Ltd Banner
Baile » táirgí » H-fráma Preas
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  • Teicneolaíocht Nua H Fráma Trí-Point Ard Gaoithe Preas 500T
  • Teicneolaíocht Nua H Fráma Trí-Point Ard Gaoithe Preas 500T
  • Teicneolaíocht Nua H Fráma Trí-Point Ard Gaoithe Preas 500T
  • Teicneolaíocht Nua H Fráma Trí-Point Ard Gaoithe Preas 500T

Teicneolaíocht Nua H Fráma Trí-Point Ard Gaoithe Preas 500T

Spheroidal graphite cast iron all-in-one frame, three pieces of con rod with very big working space which is suitable for large size motor lamination with high speed.
The first 500T high speed precision machine maker in Asia (SPM 75-300)
TJS tonnage capacity available range TJSH-30 /45/60/80/125/220/300/400/500/600

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Cur síos ar an Táirge

Main Structure Features

  • Completely new technology in high speed press field.
  • Three con rods adopted with wide working space.
  • Imported bearings, oil seal, clutch and brake, electromagnetic volve, motor, die lock pump etc.
  • Slider is guided with pillar and alloy copper sleeve.
  • Low vibration and low noise.
  • Built in Unluck-die device which will be cost 10 mins if die get stucked.
  • Forced lubricating system, automatic temperature control system through guide pillars, crankshaft and each running parts.
  • Programmable cam coNTRoller.
  • Touch screen control box operate easily.

Technical Specificaitons for TJSH-300T





Stróc de sleamhnán

60mm 50mm 40mm 30mm 20mm


75-150 80-200 100-300 100-300




2900 1300 X X 320 mm

Réimse sleamhnán

2800 X 110mm

coigeartú Sleamhnán


oscailt leaba

2600 X 48mm

cumhacht mótair


coigeartú airde Die

de réir mótar leictreach

Plunger uimh.

3 pcs (three points)

córas Leictreach

Auto braite Earráid

Clutch agus coscáin

Conbination agus dlúth

Pacáistiú & Loingseoireacht

Pacáil: phailléid adhmaid.

Loingseoireacht: Worldwide Seirbhís

ár seirbhísí

TJS is a professional High-speed Precision Power Press manufacturer located in mainland China with main products are C and H type high speed power press from 25T to 500T. Professional sales team distributed in oversea countries such as middle east, Asia. All of them have been working for industrial machineries and equipments exporting more than 6 years. With 20 years experience in High Speed Precision Press Field, Sincerely welcome customers worldwide to visit us.


1. What is the application of high speed press TJSH-500?

It is mainly used for large size motor lamination and motor strip blanking specially for motor of ceiling fan by double rows, especially used in new energy vehicles indursty.

3. What is the guarantee offered by TJS?

There will be no extra cost within one year whatever spare parts / components in guarantee period.

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