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Gida » Products » C-tpye Frame Danna
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  • Biyu Point C-frame High Speed ​​Danna Domin daidaici stamping
  • Biyu Point C-frame High Speed ​​Danna Domin daidaici stamping

Biyu Point C-frame High Speed ​​Danna Domin daidaici stamping

Newest design by double point structure on C-frame power press to improve stability of machine and accuracy of finish product has good effect specially in motor and ei lamination.

Saduwa da mu

  • Samfur Description
  • Marufi & Shipping
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Samfur Description

1. The body is made up of high intensity cast iron. After eliminating stress, the stability is good and the accuracy will be kept for long time. Its suitable for continuous production
2. It adopts 2 guide column and 1 center column structure. Roller bearing replaced traditional slide plate structure, which makes friction reduction. With automatic forceful lubricant system, minimum hot distortion and max. precision is available.
3. If equipped with a side balance device to reduce shake, it will have best precision and stability.
4. Manual adjust the mould. With the die-height display and oil pressure lock device, mould adjustment operation is easy and convenient.
5. The man-machine interface adopts micro- computer control, the value and trouble monitor system display makes the operation easy and convenient.

Standard m

1. Stick release device

2. Automatically-recirculating

3. Lubrication device

4. Manual slide adjusting device

5. Electrical stroke counter

6. Programmable logical controller

7. Counter balance device

8. Rotray balance device

9. Crank angle indicator

10. Misfeed detection consent

11. Air source receptacle

Technical Musammantawa:




80 Ton

Bugun jini na nunin

30mm 40mm 50mm


100-600 100-500 100-500




680 X 400 X 90 mm

Yankin na nunin

266 X 380mm

slide gyara


Bed bude

520 X 110mm

Motor ikon

7.5 Hp

Mutu tsawo gyara

ta lantarki motor

Plunger ba.

2 inji mai kwakwalwa

Speed ​​Controller


lubrication tsarin m lubrication

Kama da birki

Iska da kuma gogayya

Aoto Tsaya kan Highest Point Standard

Marufi & Shipping

Marufi: misali fitarwa katako

Shipping: Worldwide

Our sabis


12 watanni.

2. NA'URA maida hankali ne akan

Main parts of the machine, wearing parts not included.


Installation and configuration provided by Seller. Technician cost will be borne by Seller for first time only.


Tuntube Mu

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