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  • Gripper Feeder untuk Kecepatan Tinggi Tekan Baris

Gripper Feeder untuk Kecepatan Tinggi Tekan Baris

Mechanical driver device for material feeder, Applied with swing sheel transfer cam. Material feed degree on 165 . With degree 15 stop area in the end of cam design. Pre-pressure between middle of cam and accompany device. It will make sure zero gap and high-precision material feed.

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Deskripsi Produk

driver perangkat mekanik untuk feeder.Applied bahan transfer ayunan roda tingkat pakan cam.Material pada 165 ° .Dengan 15 ° daerah berhenti di akhir cam design.Pre-tekanan tengah cam dan menemani device.It akan memastikan nol kesenjangan dan presisi tinggi bahan pakan.

Surface contact design with material press area.It will decrease the pressure on the material surface.No scratch issues happen even if soft material.
Clutch cam and swing wheel cam drive by the same device.Clutch cam be assembled with moving press plate cam,Fixed press cam and guided cam,It will drive the clippers under all different plates moving up and down.So finished the necessary release and press activity during in material feeder.
Material feed length will be adjusted by the face side hand-roll. During the operating also you can change the material feed length.Material tenth will be showed in digital display with 1% millimeters precision.
Material thickness change will be adjusted by the left side bolt,And will be confirmed with the face side dial device.
Very easy to clean the material guider.Clippers because all drive devices be designed in under material feeder surface.
Data teknis
Feeder Length 0-80 mm
Feeder Width 8-80 mm
Max material Thickness 2.0 mm
Material Direction Kiri ke kanan
Instal Lokasi kiri
Deive axis round direction CW / CCW
Feeder Angle 165 Gelar
Release Gap 0.5 mm
Press Gap 0.1 mm
Release Angle 60 Gelar
Press Plate Width 500 mm (Center max with 6 mm)
Tekanan udara Min 0.44 mpa
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No, only come together with the press machine.

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