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Dongguan Taijishan Machinery Equipment Co. Ltd. ფირნიშები
მთავარი » პროდუქტები » C-tpye ჩარჩო პრესა
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  • C ტიპის მაღალი სიზუსტით ბეჭდის პრესა TJS-45
  • C ტიპის მაღალი სიზუსტით ბეჭდის პრესა TJS-45

C ტიპის მაღალი სიზუსტით ბეჭდის პრესა TJS-45

The first power press which speed can reach SPM 1200 in Mainland
Low Vibration, Low Noise, High Speed, Precision
Widely used in electric connectors Automatic production such as Led stand, terminal, precision mobile phone accessories.
TJS C-tpye tonnage capacity available range 25/35/45/65/80


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პროდუქტის აღწერა

Product video

C-frame presses, also commonly referred to as gap frame presses, are characterized by their unique frame style, resulting in the formation of a “C” around the bolster plate. Taijishan offers C-frame presses in a variety of bed sizes and tonnages.
Inherent to a typical C-frame design is a tendency for the machine to “yawn” or deflect as tonnages and bed sizes increase. Taijishan rigidly guided C-frame designs are engineered to resist deflection or “yawning” using gib-guided ram bolsters or precision graphite impregnated bronze bushings.
While the three sided access to the forming area is appealing (or required) for many applications, C-frame presses are typically best suited for applications requiring smaller bed sizes and lower tonnages.

Feature of the machine

1.Body material: use high strength steel, hard chrome plated to make sure of high precision.

2.Lubrication system: special structure with automatic closed lubrication, special industrial design so those main bodies get quicker and more natural cooling.

3.Equipped with reverse dynamic balanced device to realize high speed operation and prolong useful life of main parts.

4.Computer control system: display working status and fault. Top dead center control to remove fault easily.

5.Air pressure system: use with standard parts to make system stable.

6.Adjustment mould operation control system, separate structure and function to be safer, stable and precision.

7. For main system (air, lubrication and air pressure locked) equipped with pressure show and pressure switch protector device to make all system more stable.

8.Use with force cooling circulation system in the main parts to prefect transfer mechanism, meanwhile prolong useful life.

9.Equipped with location direction for direction device to be more precision, easy test and repair. Model

Technical Specificaitons

TJS-45 Capacity: 45Ton

Stroke of slide: 40mm / 30mm / 20mm

SPM: 200-800 / 200-700 / 200-600

Die-height: 245mm /240mm / 235mm

Bolster: 860x450x100mm/720x450x100mm

Area of slide: 460x320mm

Slide adjustment: 30mm

Bed opening: 400 X 320mm

Motor power: 10Hp

Lubrication system: forceful lubrication

Speed controller: inverter

Auto stop on highest point: standard

Clutch and brake: air&friction

Packaging & Shipping

Shipping: Worldwide service

Factory Record

ჩვენი სერვისები

TJS is the most professional manufacturer in mainland and after-sales services set up in new Delhi, India, Vietnam etc for oversea market. After-sales service is our advantage in field and most of them have stayed in this industry more than 5 years and have enough experience in various electrical and machnical questions.

1.We provid you technology support for automatic industry
2.We provid you best shipping agency
3.We provid you fast delivery
4.We provid you best services
5.We provid you OEM for your business
6.We provid you best quality
7.We provid you best bank service


1. What is main application for TJSH-30T?

TJSH-30T is widely used for producing precious components like electrical contactor, terminal, I/O contactor, shidled cover for mobile phone etc.

2. What is accuracy of TJSH-30T?

Parallel: 0.01mm, and squareness 0.005mm


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