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Dongguan Taijishan Machinery Co. Vexillum Equipment
domum » Products » C-frame tpye Press
  • /img/c_tpye_frame_high_speed_precision_press_35_ton.jpg
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  • Summus celeritate Subtilitas Press Contact tpye C-ton 35
  • Summus celeritate Subtilitas Press Contact tpye C-ton 35
  • Summus celeritate Subtilitas Press Contact tpye C-ton 35

Summus celeritate Subtilitas Press Contact tpye C-ton 35

Hoc duce in productionem tam late usus est in electrica connexiones sto Lorem terminalibus, certa telephono mobili accessiones sunt.
C-range praesto TJS tpye quidem tonagium facultatem 25 / 35 / 45 / 65 / 80

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depictio producti

TJS c-tpye frame high-speed precision press with machine body made by nodular cast iron which has high rigidity and less deformation. Effectively reduce vibration and noise to improve the working environment and production. Hydraulic locking device for adjustment rods ensuring the precision of bottom dead center; Automatic oil cycle lubrication system, PLC, encoder.

Suitable for punching all kinds of small and precision electric accessories

Technical Specificaitons for TJS-35T


TJS 35T,


ton 35

Plaga autem slide

20mm 30mm 40mm


200, 1000 200, 900 200 800,

Die altitudo,

200 230mm,

et abierunt

X 680 400 90 X mm

Area et slide

X 266 380mm

slide tionibus


lectulo ostium

X 520 110mm

motricium virtute

7.5 HP

Tionibus fuerit altitudo

per electrica motricium

Non plunger.

2 pede

celeritate Controller


lubricatae ratio Lubrication violenti rapiunt

Defessa ac fregit

Et attritu

High Point Aoto In Taberna Quando Sumus Latin
Shipping & Packaging

Sarcina: ligneus grabatus.

Shipping: Worldwide ministerium

nostrum officia

TJS is a professional high speed precision press manufacturer located in mainland China with main products are C and H frame high speed power press from 25T to 500T. Professional sales team distributed in oversea countries such as middle east, Asia, and they has been working for industrial machineries and equipments exporting more than 6 years. With 20 years experience in High Speed Precision Press Field.


1. Quod pignus TJS, 35?

Quod infra annum eget pretium nulla parce partes / apparatus praebet componentibus cura integre risus tempus.

2. Can you offer Die for press machine?

Specialized in TJS est Press solum Machina, sed non recomend celebre et notam facere DIE societates circum.

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