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Dongguan Taijishan Machinery Co. Vexillum Equipment
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  • Geminus-A-frame Crank Casio Subtilitas Press, TJSH 80T

Geminus-A-frame Crank Casio Subtilitas Press, TJSH 80T

The Highest stability structure with excellent design, the best solution for producing transformer (EI, FI lamination etc. ) and small motor core ( up to 160mm )

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depictio producti

Technical Specifications:





Plaga autem slide

50mm 40mm 30mm 25mm 20mm


200-250 200-400 200-500 200-600 200-800

Die altitudo,

400 450mm,

et abierunt

X X 1300 800 160mm

Area et slide

X 1200 550mm

slide tionibus


lectulo ostium

X 900 160mm

motricium virtute


Tionibus fuerit altitudo

per electrica motricium

Non plunger.

2 pede

electrica system

Auto errorem detector

Defessa ac fregit

Et pacto Conbination


1. The main transmission mechanism has frequency conversion for speed variation, and ensures steady movement.

2. High-precision and large-capacity rolling bearing is adopted for the main shaft, ensuring the transmission precision and reducing the total clearance and heat impact.

3. Octahedral needle guide rail is adopted for the slide block, and is marked with reliable and high precision in guiding and convenient adjustment, thus greatly enhancing the precision of the slide block.

4. History occasum die ob altitudinem tionibus adoptatur volutpat scandalum fuerit conveniens operatio et posuit in altitudinem per praecisionem digital propono ut 0.1mm.

5. Hydraulic overload protection device is adopted, and is highly sensitive and reliable in operation. It enables automatic return to the original position after overload, reduces the machine stop time, thus enhancing the efficiency.

6. Forced thin oil lubrication system is adopted for the machine in complete set to ensure complete lubrication for the machine as a whole.

Shipping & Packaging

Packaging, esset educendi Latin capsa lignea

Shipping: Worldwide ministerium

nostrum officia

Guaranty: One quality year with free machine care always.

Guaranty Covers: Main parts of the machine.

Technical Support: technical suscipio e-mail vel in video, est quoque available pro nobis disponere transmarinis technicae periti, ad institutionem.


1. What is working speed for TJSH-80?

The normal speed is 200-500SPM. but in order to prolong the using lift of die we suggest the normal SPM could be around 250-400.

2. Quod products idonei per TJSH, 80 facere?

Verto millia metretas velut EI-FI laminations esse idoneam ad producendum per TJSH 80.addtionally et motricium core, quae diametcr autem ejus fit infra 160mm is available.

3. Non habes ulla 80 TJSH, postulationes, cum rudis materia?

No, common CRGO, CRNGO etc are available.

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