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Dongguan Taijishan Machinery Co. Vexillum Equipment
domum » Products » C-frame tpye Press
  • /img/single_crank_c_frame_high_speed_metal_stamping_press_tjs_80.jpg
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  • Summus celeritate singula Crank C-frame Metal Stamping TJS Press, 80
  • Summus celeritate singula Crank C-frame Metal Stamping TJS Press, 80
  • Summus celeritate singula Crank C-frame Metal Stamping TJS Press, 80

Summus celeritate singula Crank C-frame Metal Stamping TJS Press, 80

The frame manufactured by high tensile nodular cast iron, heat and aging treatment before using which make stress relieved for maximum rigidity and long term accuracy. Bearings and machine main parts adopted are imported from USA and Japan directly.
TJS-80T has two models which are single and double point.

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depictio producti


frame: One-piece high tensile cast-iron alloy for exceptional strength combined with maximum viberation damping

lectulo: Steel-fabricated structure, wide design to eliminate side swaying and distributes the shock of high speed feeding and stamping evenly.

SLIDE and SLIDE PLATE: spearate components visam, a slide laminam ut pressius ad parallelismum cum machined in caput eius.

Also, the slide plate allows for a larger working area and interchangeability if slide plate dameged.

gestus, anti-friction bronze bushed and the clutch-brake machanism

lubricatae: quod opportuno capere electrically auto- lubricatae ratio vitare torcular shutdown

counterbalance: pondus volutpat, felis non fuerit a superiori applicans virga counterbalance cylindri aeris impetum reducendi onera imo turba ictus.

Imperium ratio, 2 programmable controllers with indicator lights monitor each press function, providing a trouble-free system.




ton 80

Plaga autem slide

30mm 40mm


100-700 100-600

Die altitudo,

355mm 350mm

et abierunt

X 1000 600 150 X mm

Area et slide

X 680 450mm

slide tionibus


lectulo ostium

X 800 150mm

motricium virtute

20 HP

Non plunger.

2 pede

celeritate Controller


lubricatae ratio Lubrication violenti rapiunt

Defessa ac fregit

Et attritu

High Point Aoto In Taberna Quando Sumus Latin
Shipping & Packaging

Packageing: Latin capsa lignea et faucium

Shipping: Worldwide ministerium

nostrum officia

Pre-Sales Service
1. Inquiry and consulting support
2. Sample testing support
3. Recommend the most suitable machine according to customer's purpose
4. Factory visiting receperunt

Post-Sales ministerium
1. Training how to install the machine
2. Training how to use the machine
3. Warantum anno 1
4. Engineers available to service machinery oversea


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