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Becoming a buyer centered group,we are interested in supplying a massive amount cast iron punching press These are typically substantially advisable through numerous variety of customers on account of their maximum high quality,excessive useful performance and sturdy accomplish.Our cast iron punching press are usually adequately good quality tested on several guidelines ahead of distribution to offer you 100% flaw the opportunity on purchasers end.These can become acquired with budget-friendly costs.

H Frame Single-Point High-Speed Precise Punching Press TJSH-30T
H Frame Single-Point High-Speed Precise Punching Press TJSH-30TSpheroidal graphite cast iron frame with high rigidity, four pieces of full guide pillars and alloy copper sleeve design. This single point 30 Ton press is suitable for various fields, motor, conneLearn More

H-frame Press

C-tpye Frame Press

Double Head Uncoiler



Progressive Die

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