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  • H Frame Single-Point Highc Speed ​​Punching Press TJSH-30T
  • H Frame Single-Point Highc Speed ​​Punching Press TJSH-30T

H Frame Single-Point Highc Speed ​​Punching Press TJSH-30T

Spheroidal graphite cast iron frame with high rigidity, four pieces of full guide pillars and alloy copper sleeve design. This single point 30 Ton press is suitable for various fields, motor, connector, computer, mobile phone,LED, car, nonstandard metal parts and so on.
Available tonnage range TJSH-30 /45/60/80/125/220/300/400/500/600

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Ọja Apejuwe

Main Awọn ẹya ara ẹrọ

  • High rigidity frame with Spheroidal graphite cast iron
  • Heat and aging treatment more than one year.
  • Imported bearings NSK and KOYO from Japan directly, electromagnetic volve we usd MAC from USA.
  • Slider is guided with pillar and alloy copper sleeve, running in oil loop always and reduced the friction to minimum
  • Low vibration and low noise which makes good working environment.
  • Big torque, low inertia, pneumatic clutch-brake unit.
  • Hydraulic locking device for adjustment rods, ensuring the precision of bottom dead center.
  • Deep hole lubricating system, automatic temperature control system which keep during 26- 28 ℃ even 24 hours nonstop running.
  • Touch screen control box with main function (Die adjustment, inch running, one stroke, continuous, production account setting etc. )

Technical Specificaitons for TJSH-30T Single Point


TJSH-30T Single Point



Ọna ifaworanhan

30mm 35mm


200-1000 200-1100


180 - 210mm


550 X 400 X 100

Agbegbe ti ifaworanhan

500 X 300 mm

Siṣàtúnṣe ifaworanhan


Ibusun ibusun

500 X 100mm

motor agbara


Die height adjustment

by electric motor

Plunger ko si.

1 pcs (Single poiint)

Electrical system

Auto error detector

Idimu ati idẹ

Conbination and compact

Apoti & Ako

Packing: Wooden pallet.

Sowo: Iṣẹ kariaye

iṣẹ wa

TJS is a professional High-speed Precision Press manufacturer located in mainland China with main products are C and H frame high speed power press from 25T to 500T. Professional sales team distributed in oversea countries, middle east, Asia. All of them have been working for industrial machineries and equipments exporting more than 6 years. With 20 years experience in High Speed Precision Press Field, Sincerely welcome customers worldwide to visit us.


1. What products can be punched by TJSH-30T single point?

Small size motor, connector, computer small parts, mobile phone accessories, LED stand, car parts, and nonstandard metal parts and so on.

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